Lida Logan

Thirty years after the death of her father Egbert Eames (Bert), and prompted by a chance remark made at his funeral, Lida began to write about his complex and fascinating life. In the process she came to know and understand her father for the first time.

Starting with Bert's archive of documents and letters, more material appeared as the book progressed and seemed to take on a life of its own.

From being simply a story for Lida and her family, it grew into a real book which demanded to be published.

"Writing this book has transformed my view of my parents, my life, and myself. I see how fortunate I was to have parents who were intelligent, lively, and independent, both mentally and practically.

Bert was emotional and volatile. I think he understood himself quite well, but that didn't mean he could control himself, and he was often carried away by emotions and desires, and went too far or acted impulsively in ways that took him beyond the bounds of sense or morality. As I write, I am finding out more about my father. And in uncovering him, I find I am uncovering a part of myself."
Lida Logan

Lida is known to many of her friends as Liz